Jobs are complex today; I remember visiting a car assembly line in Gurgaon. I was a mere spectator and was getting to watch a robotic welding line from outside a glass pane. I could see sparks flying as huge mechanical robotic arms were moving in from both sides of a car shell hanging on levers as it moved. The arms would move like human hands and simultaneously weld at two different points on both sides of the car shell. 

I could see a small human standing beneath the car that was being welded ( small in comparison to the very big infrastructure on the assembly line) This young engineer was wearing a fireproof protection suit and a big glass visor to protect his face from the sparks, constantly looking upwards at the points being welded. After one shell was complete and the next was moving towards the welding point this engineer raised both his hands to manually readjust the robotic arms. 

I watched him do this over and over again for about half an hour and then moved on. Surprisingly, this scene went into repeat mode inside me and I kept wondering what the boy was doing. From where I could see him it was very difficult to make out.  

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I inquired about the boy from the Human Resource accompanying me and got his name and credentials. I was promised that I could meet this youngster at lunchtime half an hour later. 

Kedar was the name, He was an IIT Kharagpur, Mechanical Engineering student doing his internship here. I asked him out of curiosity on what he was actually doing on the assembly line. Kedar, told me that the robotic arms are undoubtedly a great help in the process but they weigh about 500 kilos each and after firing at some points for some time they de align from the exact point at which they are supposed to weld. 

After this, it becomes a manual task to stand under that heat and keep manually pushing at the arms to weld at the right spot. 

I asked Kedar how long does he stay there and I was surprised when he said 8 hours. The temperature at that point is about 55 degrees and the heat is excruciating. 

Qualities that companies search when hiring from best private engineering colleges

Many days later while sitting with human resource team I was hearing them speak about the traits they look out for and I heard one of them say, “We look for Leader Engineers. People who have the empathy and experience for working in tough situations so that they can respect human endurance and know its limits.” 

This is exactly what companies come looking for. They want the best skill sets, tremendous stamina, great knowledge, Ambition, Greed, and everything that can propel a man to productivity. But the most important trait that modern manufacturing companies and marketing companies want in their people is the ability to experience tough working and comprehend its effects on the human being. 

This may sound obsolete, but this is a stark fact. 

This is the human quality to empathize in teamwork. They say “A stitch in time saves nine” but, only if it is noticed and made. 

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 Another Prolific quality of understanding complex problems and solving them is a critical trait that stands in the most wanted list of human behaviour without which it is impossible to be accepted as a leader. Creating solutions and having one for a complex problem is the key to human productivity. 

In fact, fast action, eradicating the chance for error is among the most preferred leadership traits that companies look for when hiring Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Science, Civil engineering graduates from the best private engineering colleges in Jaipur.

Emotional balance and the ability to carry people along is what set’s every team member apart. People who can eliminate risk and raise safety standards are also the most preferred.   

Cost-saving and the ability to create critical paths in processes after identifying them comes with great insight and thorough know-how of the business and its dynamics -again a very difficult quality to find. 

Setting an example and leading by it is probably one of the most efficient ways of cutting across teams and sending them the right signals.   Industry and Business are always human-centric. There can never be an alternative to him. Every activity thus is designed to be as close to human endurance and do-ability so that the time taken is reduced and the yield of business is higher and more precise. 

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